Join us every Sunday

We’re back gathering at the Trinity Centre at 10:00am each Sunday. We’d love you to join us!

What should I expect?

We gather together for about 90 minutes, which normally involves:

  • Music, singing, and other creative expressions of worship.
  • Encouraging one another in faith through Scripture, stories, prophetic words, and other spiritual gifts.
  • Prayer.
  • Sharing communion together.
  • Preaching.
  • Time to catch up, get to know one another, and drink tea and coffee!
  • Encountering God through His Holy Spirit.

The gatherings are relaxed and informal – so there’s no dress code! You’ll see people in shorts, joggers, jeans, dresses and suits, national dress, and everything in between. You should come as you are and expect to feel welcomed.

Song lyrics are projected onto the screens, so feel free to sing along or engage however you feel most comfortable. If you don’t have a Bible, there are Bibles available for you to use and take home with you.

You can sit wherever you feel comfortable. We normally sit around tables together to help create an informal and friendly environment but, if you’d prefer, there are a few sofas and chairs you can use at the back of the auditorium until you feel more comfortable.

Tea and coffee are available throughout the gathering, so feel free to get up at any point and grab a refill.

What about my kids?

We love children and young people and want them to encounter God as we gather, whilst having a lot of fun too! We have a group for primary school-aged children. For those not yet in primary school, we have a parents stay-and-play. Because your children’s safety is a priority for us, we have a detailed check-in process for the children’s groups the first time that you visit. You may want to leave yourself an extra few minutes to get registered the first time.

P.S. Please don’t worry about your kids making noise before they go out to their group – we love having children in with us and want them to participate and engage however they want to (plus, some of the leaders’ kids are the noisiest anyway!)

Sunday Morning Prayer Gathering

Each Sunday at 9:00am, before the main gathering starts, we’ll be meeting together at the Trinity Centre to pray and encounter God. We’d love you to join us! Just turn up.

What happens if I can’t attend in-person?

Please get in touch with us directly or email us at

Connect in the week

We’d love you to connect with us in our Facebook Community Group – a place for us to be family together online – and on Instagram, our Facebook page, and YouTube.

You can watch the latest preach here.

Additionally, we regularly send things over email. If you’re not receiving our emails, it’s because you’re not in our contact list. Fill out our online Connect Card so that we can get in touch.



We’ve created a few playlists to help you and your children worship at home while we’re unable to meet together physically.

Songs We Sing – Familiar songs that we sing on a Sunday morning. Hopefully you’ll be able to join in! Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Songs We Like – Songs you may not have heard before, but we really like. It’s an eclectic mix, so not everything will be to your taste! Find the stuff you like and use that to create your own playlist! Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Songs For Kids – Songs that might help you engage with your kids in worship. Some songs may be favourites from kids groups on a Sunday morning, and some may be new, but we hope your children can dance and sing along with them! Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.



Get in touch

If you’re currently self-isolating, or if you need some additional support, please do get in touch.

You can email us at or call our church office at 01793 526130.