Gateway Church Partnerships

One of the defining prophetic words over Gateway was given in the early days: “Build locally and think internationally”. We have sought to do just that ever since.

A passion for the nations and unreached people groups is central to our mission, we purposefully pursue this in two ways:

  1. We celebrate the diversity of nations amongst us at Gateway and actively look to build with diversity at our core.
  2. We seek to serve and resource the advance of the gospel into other nations through apostolic partnership.

Over the past twenty years, we have sent many individuals, couples and families into the nations, both short and long-term, to plant churches, serve the poor and see the transformation of nations through God’s kingdom.

We are currently actively involved in planting a church in Bujumbura (the capital of Burundi) along with establishing businesses there to lift people out of poverty, bringing dignity and new life.

To help us achieve all this we partner with a growing worldwide family of churches called Regions Beyond‘A diverse family of churches joined together in apostolic partnership’ Regions Beyond is led by Steve Oliver and is part of the Newfrontiers family of churches.

‘A diverse family of churches joined together in apostolic partnership’