Later this summer we will be saying goodbye to Rob & Sabine (and kids) as they move to France. Below is their story of how God has led them to make this move. Please pray for them as a family at this exciting time!


Last August, in Spain, this is what I heard while praying early on a Sunday morning. Only a few days earlier I had surrendered, saying to God “if you want me to stay in England, then I’ll stay in England”! So I was quite surprised, but then filled with peace and joy as He promised me to “open the way in the desert”. And so the journey began!

Rob agreed straight away and said: “We’ll know for sure by Christmas, we’ll go there at Easter and we’ll be moving by next Summer.” Then he had a dream that he was in front of a house and felt God said: “Deal with the domestics and then you can come in!”

This was the house we use while on holiday, in Saint Colombier, South Brittany. We laid a fleece asking for the word “Columbus” to appear out of the blue. A few weeks later, Rob discovered that he had been working on a server called “Colombus”. Abigaël also dreamt that we were in a French café, with purple or black walls and a bear at the window. In a school assembly, while talking about Christopher Columbus, she felt God said its name was “Columbus café”. To our surprise, we discovered there was a ’Columbus Café’ in the area! We visited it at Easter: their logo is a bear, which appears on the window and their walls are black!

In January, God spoke to Jason that we would be serving Him in France – Jason didn’t know us or even that I was French! And at the end of February, God told me He would give us a “safety net” as we are ready to leave even without a job. The following day, I found out that at Christmas He had put on a couple’s hearts to give us regularly for 10 months, before they even knew our plans to move!

So at Easter we went to “spy the land”: we had to plan some work to the house before we move in. Abigaël will be in the village school with 68 other pupils and Elliot’s collège has only 400. Very shocked at first, both children are now excited to move: they love the beaches, the house and the food and we promised them a cat once we are settled!

In Rennes, we visited the NF church, which feels like it will be an “oasis” for us. A French family friends of mine moved 2 years ago 10 mins away from the house. They gather monthly with some Catholics and Evangelicals in unity to pray for Vannes (the largest town near us) and I’ve been getting very detailed prophetic words for them since October.

Their daughter Marie had visited us back in 2014 and I felt that God wanted to use her family in the area and that we would be moving there. At the time, I completely dismissed it, but God has made a way: we will be moving on August 4th.