Post by: Colin

Recently I saw the consultant about my dodgy back. The thing is, even before I went I knew precisely what she would say, it is the same thing she says every time I have seen her over the past five years. For my back condition the most important thing I need to do is stretch often and exercise lots. Either that, or seize up!

However, even though I knew all the advice, I dutifully went along, made the same small talk, gave the same answers to the same questions, and promised I would try and exercise more (which made me wonder if I was lying to myself or the doctor)!

DoctorThe annoying thing is that I know that if I ignore her orders it will be me that suffers for it in the long run. Yet the thing is, although I know the doctor’s advice is for my benefit, my motivation to swim and stretch frequently is pretty low, bordering on non-existent. What’s worse, no-one else can make me do it or do it for me, I have to decide to make it a priority, then, and only then, will I benefit from it. Fail to act and I only have myself to blame!

Driving home from the hospital, my lackluster attitude to good advice made me wonder how often we have the same poor attitude in many areas of life: work, marriage, family, etc. We know we ought to give ourselves to these in order to keep them healthy and strong, yet foolishly we often give them the attention they require only when they twinge with pain!

What’s even more crazy than that is how we can all too easily approach our relationship with God in the same self-sabotaging way, even though we know God’s promises are an amazing invitation to us to live the life he desires for us and worth us pursuing wholeheartedly. We too often treat them as though it is mere advice from a ‘back’ doctor: take it or leave it!

Yet, like the advice for my back, it takes each of us to make a decision to act upon God‘s promises, he won’t force you, no-one can make you, nor can they do it for you. It’s your choice, either live for them, or miss out!

I guess the thing is, my lack of effort in caring for my back reveals that deep down I don’t believe it’s worth the cost! Which makes wonder what we reveal about our hearts when we fail to live as we know God desires for us to.

Are you following THE doctor’s orders?

Just asking.