On Sunday 29 September the Adventurers had a special guest – who set them an exciting challenge, using their small change to make a big change!

Bad Cows

Bad Cows

Gateway Kids Adventurers were excited to welcome Donna Bloomfield to their morning at the end of September. Donna spends a lot of time in Burundi, and she came to share with the 50 children about good cows and bad cows.

Using some watered down white paint, Donna poured out a litre of ‘milk’. ‘A family in Burundi can get this much milk out of a Bad Cow’ she explained. Then she poured out another 9 litres – ‘If the family had a Good Cow, this is how much more milk they could have!’

Good Cow

Good Cow

Donna explained that having more milk could make such a difference to a family. The families in Burundi are often so poor that children only have one set of clothes. ‘Imagine when it came to bed-time tonight you didn’t have any pyjamas to wear, so you went to bed wearing the clothes you’re wearing now! And then when you get up in the morning – you don’t have any new, clean clothes to wear. You just keep wearing the clothes you went to sleep in!’

Having extra milk from the cows might mean a family could sell some of their milk, and so have some more money, for clothes or food. ‘Most of the children don’t get breakfast,’ said Donna, ‘nor lunch. And at dinner time they might get some potatoes and beans.’ The Adventurers didn’t think much of a dinner of potatoes and beans!

Bad cows need a lot of attention, because they might wander off. So children are kept at home to watch over the bad cows all day. The families who are given Good Cows have to promise to keep them in pens so that they don’t need care – then the children are able to go to school!

After explaining how good it would be for families to have a good cow instead, Donna set the Adventurers a fundraising challenge called Small Change Makes a Big Change. How exciting would it be if the Adventurers all saved up together to buy a cow to give to a family in Burundi?!

Each child was given a plastic milk carton. Over the next few weeks they are all going to put their loose change or maybe their pocket money in to them. If together the Adventurers can collect 140 milk cartons filled with small change, they will have enough to buy a Good Cow!


What a great way for us all to be one family in Christ – reaching out across the boundaries of different countries and different cultures, to share what we have amongst us all! Thanks Donna for coming and teaching us about Good Cows and Bad Cows, we had great fun!