Part 2 of Steve and Milly’s journey to Canada


Steve and I submitted our Canadian visa applications in February 2009, at a point when the authorities were estimating the process to be about 12 months.

Skip ahead to early 2011, and we were beginning to feel quite restless. Bruce and Susie were now living in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, on a temporary work visa, Bruce having been blessed to find an employer willing to sponsor him into the country. Our feet were well and truly itching at this point! So we began thinking, perhaps there were some things we could do to speed things up? For starters, Steve could start looking for jobs; and we got a valuation for our house, considering putting it on the market.

These sounded sensible ideas to us. But in the end we couldn’t duck the truth that we were trying to take control of the situation for ourselves. If we trusted God to have a plan for our lives, then we had to trust Him in the timing too. And after praying we knew that, despite our frustrations, God wanted us to stick with the visa application process and trust in God’s timescales.

It was in this frustrated and conflicted state of mind that we turned up one Saturday to the Trinity Centre, where a visiting speaker had come to teach on the topic of prophesy. After some worship, the speaker, Julian Adams wanted to give a practical demonstration of how prophecy worked:

OK, I feel like there’s somebody here, you’re in the process of relocation or you’re thinking about relocation, and it’s got to do with another nation, you’re somewhere in this section… probably in the first half. If that’s you, quickly put your hand up.   

Yep – that was us – sat just a few rows back in the section he was highlighting! So Julian called us up to go stand at the front of church while he continued…

So right now, what I’m feeling is instantaneous relief! Yay God, we got it right! Excellent, thank you Lord; so, you guys happy to be guinea pigs, alright? Father thank you for Milly & Steve, thank you that you love them. Thank you that your hand is on them, thank you for the call of God upon them. Thank you for a new season that they’re standing at. Thank you for doors that are gonna begin to open. Now I’m starting to see like a little screen open over you guys, so I’m starting to see some things, ok.

And I just see you guys at this crossroads, and I see you guys having to make particular decisions, even around, even some financial restraints, and I feel like God saying ‘I’m about to provide a platform of breakthrough into the place that you’re gonna go to’. I feel like God is saying there are doors that are opening up for you and you’ve been saying God, which door, where do we go through, and I feel like God is saying ‘the door of favour is the door that you’re to walk through’ And I feel like, you’ve kinda thought that, do we take the best option or the worst option or the midterm option? I feel like God saying ‘I’ve got a best option for you’, and you’re not to be afraid to do that. Because I feel like there is a connection, in your going, wherever you’re gonna go, I’m not quite sure where it is you’re gonna go to. But I feel like God is saying, in your going there is going to be a connection to a community that you will be instrumental in working with and being a part of and establishing some things in the purposes of God. 

[to Steve] I feel like the Lord wants to say to you, my brother, that there is leadership on you, ok, and that God’s design for you is to be one who will oversee many things, and it’s not just for the church, it’s actually for business, or the Kingdom activity in the market place. And I feel like God wants to encourage you that you have blessing on you and I feel like God wants to encourage you that you have favour on you just to oversee and to carry much more than you’ve anticipated.

Ok, I don’t know why I can keep smelling this, but it’s like a I can smell maple syrup…

At this point – there is a eruption of cheers in the room. Quite a few people know by this time of our plans to move. The moment he said ‘maple syrup’ – Julian actually looked a little stunned by the amount of noise!!

Are you going to Canada?  Wow! Yay God! What do you think, God’s in this? I think God’s in this! Yay God, another one right!

I just feel like God really wants to encourage you in this season. And so just be encouraged, God is really going to promote you. I feel like God wants to say to both you of you, ‘you will find significant breakthroughs in this season’. Even like issues around what to do with property, and how that’s going to work, God is gonna begin to smooth over and make a way easy for you. Because this is about a mission, this is about being sent, this is about God sending you into a place where you’ll connect with a community of disillusioned people, who have been disillusioned with the church, and you’re gonna begin to gather them. It’s not that you’re gonna even plant the church or you might, but you’re gonna be part of establishing people together, and something’s gonna be birthed out of that. 

[to Milly] God says to you – ‘you are prophetic. You are prophetic, and you have heard from him. And you’re gonna do some incredible things with him in this season. 

You guys are gonna be a key couple in this next season, in blessing that nation. You’re going and it’s the right season, it’s the right time. God is gonna make the way easy for you. I feel like God wants to say to you, there is going to be such significant promotion for you guys in terms of the job arena, and there’s gonna be real blessing. Amen.

There are times when God teaches you gently, revealing things through His word or through times of prayer… And then there are times like these when He just comes in to Your life – boom – and gets your attention! We needed to hear from Him at just this point. We needed fresh strength for the waiting, fresh encouragement that we were on the right track, and had heard correctly. And God knew it. This word was one of several we received which have held us, like anchors, rooted into God’s will for our lives when it’s felt like it’s never gonna happen. Thank you Lord!