20 Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, 21 which some have professed and in so doing have departed from the faith… Grace be with you all.

1 Timothy 6: 20-21

Placing Paul’s letter on his desk, Timothy leant back in his chair and breathed in a long and slow satisfied breath. He found himself just sitting at his desk a while, looking out his window, watching the kids already out playing in the dusty street below, the climbing sun beginning to warm the already hard baked ground, it was going to be another hot day…

Taking in all he had read from Paul’s pen & heart, he found himself almost impulsively thanking God for Paul, the man that Timothy loved as his father, the man who really did live out what he taught and believed. Timothy really couldn’t do it without Paul in his life; ‘then again’, he thought to himself, ‘if it weren’t for Paul, I wouldn’t be in this scrape’!

He thanked God for all He had done in his own life since becoming a follower of Jesus all those years ago as a young lad, he remembered the excitement he felt at first hearing Paul boldly proclaiming Christ crucified and risen, that same feeling of overwhelming gratefulness and love for God came over him, as when he first realised that his sin was forgiven by faith in Jesus, his death and resurrection.

Timothy thanked God for the adventure of faith he had been called and pulled into, leading the church in Ephesus sure wasn’t easy, but he knew there was nothing else he would rather live for, he knew that what had been entrusted to him as a follower of Jesus was better than life itself…

It was time to get up and head out the door and just like Paul, go and live what he believed. The amazing thing was, Timothy no longer felt scared and desperate to get out of Ephesus, but he knew God’s grace on his life would enable him to do all that had been asked of him, and God’s grace would be on His church for her to become beautiful!

Just at that moment, his young wife came into his study, seeing Paul’s letter with his messy handwriting lying on Timothy’s desk she smiled at him, knowing what Paul’s letter meant to Timothy, ‘James is here’ she said.

James was the young guy Timothy recently had begun to take with him wherever he went, as he visited the churches and widows, as he preached and studied, and as he took long walks as he prayed and sought God… James was pretty much the same age Timothy was when he became a believer, Timothy knew he was a young guy to grab hold of for the Kingdom…

… After all, he had been entrusted with the same old story that must be told, one generation to another!



As great as it is to slowly work our way through Paul’s letter to Timothy, this isn’t how you normally read a letter when you receive one. Letters are written to be read, start to finish in one setting leaving you with an overall impression of what was on the writers heart which is easy to forget when you go through it bit by bit…

So why not at some point this coming week take twenty minutes to re-read 1 Timothy!?

Prayer points:

  • Thank God for revealing Himself and His plans to us through it
  • Ask God to help you guard the gospel that has also been entrusted to you by treasuring it as supremely precious
  • Ask god to fill you afresh with His Spirit today, so that through His enabling power (and not your own strength) you may experience the transforming power of the Gospel – God’s grace in your life!